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  1. installs and how to's
  2. FAQ Collection
  3. IRS to Live axle
  4. Hyd. clutch info/adjustment
  5. How to minitub a fox
  6. Axle spline calc
  7. How to Turbo a Fox
  8. P/S Pump Paint and swap
  9. Reading Spark Plugs...
  10. Rear Suspension Installation
  11. Various Auto Repair Manuals, TSBs and so forth.
  12. Lug Nut Torque specs
  13. Excellent oil filter study!
  14. Muffler Cutaways
  15. How to program your keyless entry remotes.
  16. '80-'95 Mustang info/specs.
  17. How to identify a Ford engine
  18. Duraspark dizzy performance recurve.
  19. S197-Disabling the foglight shutoff when high beams are on
  20. S197- Using the CC on/off switch for Line Lock activation