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Originally Posted by ncontt View Post
Dale, I got one for my fairmont and got a dude to help me with a start up tune...the only thing I noticed was there was no load scaling...I ASSume this was b/c it was a startup tune and I need to make sure the MAF is dialed in first? I am really digging the way you can compare two different tunes and see them side by side!!! I'm really looking forward to getting a grasp of this...but it is quite daunting for sure!

First thing to do is Look and see what the load scaling switch is set to...that way you will know if you are still using %load or not.
And yes the MAF is the first thing I would work on. Make sure that all the adders/multipliers are set to 0 for the fuel and spark tables and turn adaptive off until you get the MAF dialed in to match what you have in the fuel tables at different load points. Do not add much boost until you get the load / fuel spark close. Then you can add a little at a time until you get into the WOT stuff. Just don't get greedy by adding a lot of spark and cause detonation
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cool, thanks, I'll take a look at it here in the near future...I'll let you know.
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