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Sir Charles
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Arrow Military Roll Call...

So what does everyone do and where have you been stationed at?

Name: Charles A.K.A. Chuck
Rank: TSgt (E-6)
Branch: Air Force
Job: 2A373 F-15E Crewchief
Years of Service: 17+ years

1. Soesterberg AB, The Netherlands July 92 - Nov 93 (Closed the base down)
2. Bitburg AB, Germany Nov 93 - Nov 94 (Closed the base down)
3. Spangdahlem AB, Germany Nov 94 - Aug 98 (Closed down the F-15 53rd FS)
4. Nellis AFB, Nellis Air Command, Las Vegas, NV Sep '98 - Present

After posting this up, we can see how small the Military community is getting. I have ran into several people that I have been stationed and deployed with via this post alone.

The Ten OPSEC Points:

  • Don't discuss future destinations or ports of call!
  • Don't discuss future operations or missions!
  • Don't discuss dates and times of when we will be in port or conducting exercises!
  • Don't discuss readiness issues and numbers!
  • Don't discuss specific training equipment!
  • Don't discuss people's names and billets in conjunction with operations!
  • Don't speculate about future operations!
  • Don't spread rumors about operations!
  • Don't assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you so he can kill you, he is!
  • Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using these forums, email or phone!

OPSEC tips where added because some people like to cry wolf to detour from what the thread is about and what people have posted just to draw a little attention to their negative comments that don't even belong in this thread.
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LE equipment inventor....
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There aren't to many of us currently serving, but this is my info:

Highest rank: Tsgt
Branch: USAF/Air Guard
Job: Security Specialist 81150
Years of Service: 6 active /7 Guard and Reserve

96th Security Police Squadron (SAC) Dyess AFB, Abilene,TX 3 years
9th Main Jet Base, Balikesir, Turkey 1 year
1st Security Police Squadron Langley, AFB Hampton,VA 2 years
Eglin, AFB Security Police 1 year
187th Security Police Flight Danely Field, AL 6 years
You're either SWAT or you're NOT!!


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2002 Harley F 150 DSG
2003 BMW Z4 3.0L Si
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Ready to head homeward
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My other half is Sgt. (E5) Army ABN, currently stationed Ft Richardson, AK (deployed to Afghanistan)
Humint Team Leader (deployed)

"Excuse me...does your mom know you are outside without your helmet again?"
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Trunk Monkey
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U.S. Army from '89-'01,MOS's 67X10 (heavy lift helicopter mechanic) 67U10 (medium lift helo mechanic) and 91B10 (combat medic). Also have some other identifiers,and extra "training" as well. Stationed in Ansbach Germany (6/52 ADA Patriot),Ft Campbell KY (2/502 INF/LRSD 101st ABN) Ft Bliss TX (WBAMC). Deployed to the Gulf,and a few other places during my time too.
89 LX Coupe-Juiced
01 Lightning-Boost
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Alabama National Guard Currently E-4. training at fort mccoy, wisconsin training. leaving for afganastain middle of june. 25U been in since dec 05.
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Senior Member
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sgt here army guard, been to germany, panama, im in ft hood tx, mobing to kuwait june 27th. several mos's mmostly mechanic plus mp, gun bunny m109.
2004 cobra MGW shifter,spec 3+ clutch, billet flywheel, 3.75 upper pulley, banssanni exaust, 3.4 whipple, 60lb injectors, fore rails and hat, gt40 pumps, dual bypass heat exchanger. 660hp/600tq
2012 f150 4x4 5.0 blk
2012 rzr LE S orange
2012 rzr LE silver/blk
2003 DSG lightning
2001 ford focus ZX3 silver
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Z06 Eater. . . :D
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98-06 Alabama national Guard. E-4.. 63g, 63w, 63h and 45K. Had to get out due to a fusion of my left wrist. I was building my packet for woc school.

Now i'm a Senior Tech for GDLS in testing the Strykers.
2008 335i embarassing people one car at a time.
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S-6 Mafia
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Alabama National Guard
been in since 1404CST 7/04/2009
leave for BCT/AIT 10/25/2009
ATF should be a store...not a government agency.
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air force, army, marines, military, navy

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